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Master Robin Taberna, of Manteca, Calif., has been named a Maytag Dependable Leader Award winner for his demonstrated dedication to keeping youth on the path to achieve great futures. The award recognizes Boys & Girls Club officials who are committed to making a difference as dependable and exceptional role models.

Through a national partnership, Maytag brand and Boys & Girls Clubs of America (BGCA) selected Taberna as one of 11 winners nationwide to receive this year’s distinction, which includes a $20,000 financial grant for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca and Lathrop. Specifically, the Clubs will use the grant to award four five-hundred dollar scholarships per year for ten years to qualified Club members attending either college or technical school. Taberna was nominated for the award by Jeanie Miller, Executive Director of Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca and Lathrop.

For more than three decades, Taberna has voluntarily dedicated his time to Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca and Lathrop teaching karate. During each class, Taberna also instills valuable lessons on ethics, character development and sportsmanship within each of his students. Taberna’s classes are tailored for all ages, and he has taught an estimated 5,000 Club members since 1982.

"Master Taberna has led outstanding efforts at our Clubs that have resulted in remarkable growth for our kids,” said Miller. "Not only is Robin a phenomenal karate instructor, he also has committed himself to mentoring youth without expecting anything in return.”

In partnership with Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca and Lathrop, Taberna started a martial arts tournament circuit to educate the local community on the importance of sportsmanship over winning and teamwork. The circuit continues to provide funding for the Club and other area non-profit organizations.

Furthermore, Taberna has inspired thousands of kids over the course of his 33 years at the Clubs. At seven years old, one Club member approached Taberna bright-eyed but lacking focus. Taberna worked tirelessly with him to instill a sense of discipline and strong work ethic. The young boy later went on to graduate college with a degree in physics from the University of California, Davis and earned a fourth degree black belt, one of the highest level black belt levels; crediting his achievements to the mentorship he received from Taberna.

"I could go on for days about the endless contributions Master Taberna puts forth for our Clubs each and every day,” continued Miller. "He is truly an inspiration to our Club members and the kids in our community.”


   Emmanuel Torres / Trayana Davis                     Carely Medina Cerda / Angel Flores
 2014 Youth of the Year Winners from Manteca and Lathrop Clubs.
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Manteca & Lathrop Ag In Motion/Garden Club members took a trip to Dutra Farms in Manteca to learn all about how a real dairy farms works. Thanks to Larry Hayworth of Dutra Farms the kids were able to pet baby cows, see them get milked, and watch the cows eat. 

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Manteca and Lathrop is partnering with the National Ag Science Center in Modesto to bring their national award winning program to our members. For more information on Ag In Motion please contact the club at 239-5437.
Thanks to Macy's for providing our Club with the funds to enhance our Education Program. The computer lab with one-on-one tutors is a place where our members can get the help they need to succeed in school and chase their dreams of one day attending college.